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Top Things To Do In Panama City, Panama 2017 | Best Tours in Panama
Not far from the heart of the city, you will discover an amazing variety of things to see and do, from lush tropical rainforests to breathtaking islands where wildlife encounters abound!
Top 5 Things To Do In Manuel Antonio 2017 | Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Tours
Home to some of the most spectacular scenery on Costa Rica's Central Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio is an incredible paradise you "must see" on your Costa Rica vacation.
Top 5 Things To Do in Bocas Del Toro Panama 2017 | Bocas Town Tours
Situated along Panama's breathtaking Caribbean coast, the archipelago of Bocas Del Toro is one of the most sought-after destinations in this amazing country. Isla Colón is the main island, where the popular capital city, Bocas Town, is home to charming…
Top 5 Things To Do In La Fortuna, Costa Rica 2017 | Arenal Tour Deals
Boasting the famous Arenal volcano and hot springs in Costa Rica, La Fortuna is the number one tourist destination in Costa Rica for those seeking both adventure and relaxation.
Explore Cano Negro Costa Rica by Pontoon - Real Deal Tours Review
After spending a few months in the capital of San Jose, I was so excited to finally venture out and start exploring other destinations. My first pick? La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano of course, the adventure capital of Costa Rica!
Caribe Shuttle: The Best Way To Travel From Costa Rica to Panama
If you have done your research, you probably know by now the most convenient and most economical way to travel between Costa Rica and Panama is using the ground shuttle service with Caribe Shuttle.
Costa Rica Vacation Destinations: Puerto Viejo, Cahuita & Manzanillo
If a laid back is your vacation style, then grab a good book and head to the secluded beaches of Costa Rica's South Caribbean coast.
Popular Dive Sites in Bocas Del Toro Panama | Scuba Diving in Panama
The archipelago of Bocas Del Toro is a wonderland of crystal clear Caribbean Sea dotted with vivid coral gardens and a stunning variety of tropical fish to be discovered. There are so many different dive sites in Bocas Del Toro that it could take you…
White Water Rafting Costa Rica - Real Deal Tours Sarapiqui River Rafting
Let me tell you…rafting down a raging river was one of the most memorable experiences I have from my 10 day trip to Costa Rica.
Spooky Haunts in Costa Rica: Cool Costa Rica Tours
Costa Rica is an enchanting land indeed…it is a tropical paradise filled with the most beautiful beaches, the greenest jungles, and the most diverse flora and fauna you can find. But Costa Rica is also full of other enchanting encounters you may have…
White Water Rafting Panama | Boquete Chriqui Rivers
You hear a lot about the amazing white water rafting excursions in Costa Rica, but when it comes to adrenaline-pumping rafting adventures, travelers may be surprised to learn that many white water rafting enthusiasts prefer white water rafting Panama…
White Water Rafting Classes: What Is The Difference And Which Is Best?
When it comes to adrenaline-pumping and nature-exploring adventures, travelers may be surprised to learn that some prefer white water rafting Panama Rivers to those of its northerly neighbor, Costa Rica. Panama absolutely tops the list for Central America's…
Costa Rica Volcanoes: Top 5 Active Volcanoes in Costa Rica
If you have not heard already, Costa Rica is pretty famously known as the land of volcanoes. Geographically situated between 2 tectonic plates pushing against one another, the Caribbean plate to the Northeast, and the Cocos plate to the Southwest; Costa…
Hop On Hop Off Panama City Tour | Real Deal Tours Team Experience
I've seen the Hop On, Hop Off bright red bus in my current city, San Francisco, and have always been curious as to how these tour buses function. Come to find out, it is exactly as the title suggest.
Costa Rica - Panama Borders: What You Need To Know Before You Go
Anywhere in the world, crossing the border between two countries comes with a bit of bothersome immigration protocol. Crossing the Costa Rica-Panama border is no different, however, if you know how to be ready for what's ahead, your Costa Rica-Panama…
Red Frog Beach Canopy Bocas Del Toro - Real Deal Team Experience
I will admit to being pretty jaded when it comes to canopy zip line tours. I lived in Mexico & Costa Rica for nearly a decade and dated a canopy guide for half that time, so for me, canopy tours are the least exciting of all as I've done more than…
La Paz Waterfall Gardens & Poas Volcano Costa Rica
Here at the Real Deal Tours we are often asked, "If you had to choose just one place to visit when staying in San Jose, which would you choose?" Of course, that answer differs from person to person depending if traveling with their family, as…
Bocas Town ATV Tour Panama - Real Deal Team Experience
Flying Pirates ATV Tours in Bocas Del Toro are run by a family from California, and the dad, Steve, certainly has the pirate spirit. They've lived in Bocas del Toro for several years, and what makes their ATV tour so special is quite simple: you…
Taboga Island One Day Tour (Part 2/2) - Real Deal Team Experience
Our Real Deal Team member enjoyed her day so much she pretty much included nearly every detail so we split the post into 2 submissions. If you missed the first part detailing the boat ride and the delicious lunch, click here to view part one of her Taboga…
Taboga Island One Day Tour - Real Deal Experience in Panama
Panama City is an incredible destination, but I think we can all agree that extremely lively, fascinating and entertaining cities sometimes call for a reprieve. I had been working for 2 weeks solid in Panama City proper and was ready to escape…the…
Pearl Islands Whale Watching Panama - Team Experience
Here at The Real Deal Tours we want to make sure we always offer you only the best tours in Panama so we send our team out to test out the tours then share their experience with you. Here is our team experience of Panama Whale Watching Tours' new…
Panama Canal Expansion Inauguration: History in the Making!
On Sunday, June 26, the much-anticipated expansion of the Panama Canal will finally come to fruition as Panamanian President Juan Carlos Verela welcomes leaders from around the world (including U.S. Vice President Joe Biden) to share in the triumph that…
San Blas One Day Tour | Experience San Blas Islands Panama
Once the Spanish conquistadors arrived to Central America, they drove the indigenous tribes from their homes on Panama proper. The Kuna Yala scattered to the approximately 360 islands that make up the San Blas islands (which are East of the Panama Canal).
Tortuguero National Park FAQ's | Costa Rica Tours Tortuguero
This off the beaten path destination is a ´must visit' for nature lovers and those seeking something extra special from their vacation in Costa Rica; however travellers must understand that Tortuguero National Park is remote and therefore requires…
Portobelo, Caribbean Snorkel & Zipline Adventure in Panama
After getting to know Panama City, I was ready to get out and explore the other side of the isthmus so I chose the Caribbean Snorkel and Zipline Adventure. I find it crazy that you can cross from the Pacific to the Caribbean in just over an hour, and…
Best Adventure Parks in Costa Rica - Which One Should I Choose?
Costa Rica Adventure Parks are all the rage these days and if you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, you will probably want to visit one or two of these parks yourself. So with so many options the million dollar question is, which adventure park in Costa…
Honeymoon in Costa Rica: Much More than Sun and Beaches
Brides and grooms all over the world look for exotic, beautiful destinations to spend their honeymoon. Costa Rica is the ideal tropical destination, with beautiful and diverse landscapes, pristine beaches, warm ocean water and all kinds of fun and adventurous…
Panama Whale Watching: Whale Watching Season in Paradise
It's whale watching season in Panama! But then again, when isn't it?! Panama Whale Watching, although not many people have discovered it yet, is like visiting a Mecca for humpback whales. Panama welcomes these humongous crustaceans to its warm,…
Jaco vs. Puerto Viejo: A Tale of Two Cities | Costa Rica Tours
Costa Rica is a country that seems to have the "yin/yang balance" thing down, and nowhere is that more clear than when you compare the west coast and the east coast. No matter what kind of traveler you are, you're sure to find something on…
Mi Jardin Es Su Jardin | My Choice for Gardens in Boquete
Flowers everywhere!!! That was my first impression of Boquete which I suppose is most fitting since it is referred to as the "Flower Capital of Panama". In fact in January, Boquete hosts one of the largest flower festivals in the world.
10 Days in Costa Rica with The Real Deal Tours
One of the most stable and progressive countries in Latin American, CR abolished its army back in 1948. All those army funds were instead invested in education, clean energy and sustainable tourism, and as a result Costa Rica has consistently ranked…
Snorkeling Isla Coiba, Panama; My Spectacular Day!
One of the most magical and spectacular regions on my Tropical - Cross Country Safari in Panama was exploring Santa Catalina. This was my first time in this part of Panama and so I was excited to see what was so amazing about Santa Catalina aside from…
Canopy Safari Manuel Antonio: Real Deal Team Experience
At The Real Deal Tours we take pride in being the Activities Specialists in Latin America. So, when we send a rep out in the field we ask them to share their experiences with the team, and sometimes we decide to share them with you.
Panamas Fiestas Patrias | November in Panama
There is a saying in Panama that the only thing Panamanians take seriously is their holidays… and that sentiment is spot on! With 6 major holidays, November in Panama is certainly a time for celebration.
Dia De Los Muertos in Central America: All Saints Day
Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), with its brightly colored sugar skulls, fantastic celebrations and elaborate altars, is truly a spectacle of grand proportions and definitely one for your Bucket List!